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We’re in this together.

Hello Neighbors! We are working together to support each other through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

We are building a network of people who are able to help their neighbors in some way, now or in the future.

Mission Statement

We are neighbors helping neighbors.

We are working together to find ways to live well together, to support each other, and to support our community’s well-being.

Everyone is welcome to join.

How to Get Involved

We send out occasional emails with opportunities and requests for help.  We encourage community members to share ideas for new projects, and to participate in ongoing projects. There is always room for one more!  

Anyone can suggest a project or request support for a project, as long as it fits with the mission statement and it is about supporting our neighbor-to-neighbor community. If you hear of a project happening in another organization and you think we could act in a supportive fashion, that is also worth suggesting.